Army of me

Photo by Nima Elm

After watching Sucker Punch the other day, twice, I've taken an interest in Lobotomy. Firstly, Sucker Punch is a sick film. It's by the same director as Watchmen and 300 and also has an equally good soundtrack that you can get on spotify. I renamed it 'female fighting music' It's definitely worth a watch if you think you and I are like minded but dont bother watching the trailer because its a poor poor representation. Anyway, Lobotomy is a scary thing. It consists of cutting the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex of the eye. It's done with literally a long rod that is then tapped through your eye towards the brain. Eww.It's been a controversial procedure since it began in 1935. It's basically what surgeons used to do to crazy patients to kill the brain basically so you'd still be alive but completely brain dead and free of any emotion. hmm