It's the small things in life that make it right? When it's not my birthday or Christmas I'm generally poor which means I can't go anywhere. It sucks not being able to go abroad when you see all these status's about how sick Ibiza '13 was and how cool the minimal house is scene is on the Gold Coast. But I've found a way you can see everywhere whenever you want. Yes this is the epitome of 'forever alone' but it's pretty snazzy no?
I give you MapCrunch. The site that randomly takes you to anywhere in world via Google Street View. Just click go and it'll show you all the beautiful places in the world that you're 96.3% likely not to ever see in real life. You can also have the option to see inside of places which is really cool and other options such as 'tour' give you the 360 view so you really feel like your not really there. It's a pretty good time waster but is generally interesting in if your curious about the street plans in Poland. I for one, am loving this site. I once spent half an hour walking around the streets of Brooklyn (on Google Street View) trying to get to the Brooklyn Bridge so I felt closer to B.I.G..
Here's some odd images from Google Street View.

I'm so glad they didn't have these cars going around at Carnival this year.