Americans always be taking things too far. Despite the tragic end of Walter White from Breaking Bad, we must remember that he isn't real. No feelings were hurt and no meth was actually less that 96%, so it's cool. But as is tradition, some crazies have created a real grave site with tomb stone in a fully functioning graveyard, there was even a funeral. 

The event which was actually for charity, raised over $17,000 and a huge procession of people that came to watch the ceremony and check out the gravestone made local Albuquerque residents with close ones buried at the courtyard feel pretty pissed off at the lack of respect to the actual people laid to rest in the area. However; this is only a temporary spot and should be taken down soon. 

ALSO If your an avid fan of BB like the crazies above Friend n' Foe are today going to release a limited edition tee featuring the method man himself. They're on pre-sale now for just £19.99 which makes a great Christmas present for your nan or future father in law. Keep your eyes out this afternoon as they're going to go out in the next few hours.