I don't know about you but I fucking love colouring in. It's surprisingly therapeutic and I'm at the age now where colouring over the lines doesn't result in an anxiety attack. But fuck all that paint by numbers, Rolf Harris B.S because we found the 'hottest colouring book in the game.' So what's better than a colouring book fused together with hip hop? Nothing that's what. 

Bun B the US rapper from rap due Underground Kingz has just released his colouring book entitled Bun B's Rap Colouring And Activities Book. Featured inside is all our faves including Biggie & 2Pac, Kendrick Lemar, Drake, The Game, Minaj, Tyler The Creator, Juicy J and Ice Cube. All these and more are featured in the book for your own scribbling desire. The book is available on Amazon from £5.75 and you can also find copies on Ebay which potentially could be even cheaper, your welcome.

As soon as I heard about this book I copped mine which should be with me tomorrow so apologies if I go quiet for a while. I know it's sad but I'm genuinely excited about this. There's so many activities to do and cool things I'm going to colour in. I'm going to go to thw shop and buy some pencils from Tiger especially for it. The perfect Christmas present for art students and immature people.