The townfolks walked away from the abandoned gypsy campsite, their pants damp and stained with the color of blood. They hadn't welcomed the gypsies with open arms and the gypsies, even in the 1820s, had powers beyond the comprehension of ordinary men. The gypsies were told to leave what would later become Crown Point because townspeople had heard tales of pagan rituals and disappearing livestock. When an influenza epidemic hit the gypsy campsite southeast of town, the townspeople refused to help or provide medicine to the gypsies, many of whom died and were buried in earthen mounds near the campsite. Because of that, the townspeople and their descendants would forever pay a price for their inhospitable attitude -- the gypsies had cursed the city and their dead haunted what would later become South East Grove Cemetery.

"There ain't no gypsy graveyard around here" said Ronnie Breneman