OK I'm thinking about Narwhal's again.
I asked a someone what their long tusk was for. Their first standard response was "It's an antenna..." their second seemed a bit more logical with, "you know blind people have that long stick that they walk with to feel whats in front of them? I reckon they're blind fish that don't know whats in front of them.."

Anyway David Attenborough doesn't even know so I don't know why I bothered asking. NARWHAL means 'corpse whale' so they've already got a badass name like the corpse bride and to make them even more legit, their 'tusks' which can usually go to about 9ft are called Monodon Monoceros AKA ONE TOOTHED UNICORN. YEAH BOI.

If you don't know about Narwhals and you've never seen a picture of one then I must apologize for this being the first picture you see of a Narwhal, but just Google image it and you can see some less tarty looking ones.