"And just sits.on his.broke ass so.."

Miss.Beattie told me yesterday there was a good programme on the history of the girl group, I didn't watch it at the time because I was too busy watching that Saturday night programme where a hoard of chickens who press a button to signal that they do not want to be with a man who likes to spend time with his family and has a degree in architecture but then leave it on for the part time model/part time naked waiter that likes to 'just have a laugh and enjoy life.' Thats what someone says to you when they just wanna. But anyway, here is the programme on IPlayer, it's definitely worth a watch. Depicts the growth of the magnificent machine of GirlBands. Think what you will. And below is Vanilla - No Way No way (manamana) one of the most dreariest 90's songs Ive ever heard. This must of been when Chavs were starting to crack through. Babestation2's finest.