"I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you"

If you wanna have the kind of swagger that will make the girls say OOOoo GIRL HE FWIINE then look no further then this. Az Yet-Last Night is my treasure. It is the epitomy of 90's rnb boy band music.

CHECK1) The amazing matching garms and white suits.
CHECK 2) The swagged out dance routines...who wouldn't want a man that has dance routines with his best friends. Make sure to check all hand movements. Loads of fists being made and brought towards the chest and then push out again to depict the love they hold for you girl.
CHECK 3) The sick cheaply done backgrounds
CHECK 4) The lyrics...."I almost cried you were so beautiful...last night i was inside of you..." fucking hell. And finally
CHECK 5) These men don't exist anymore so don't try it. The closest we have to this now are the kind of guys that say swag and try and convey their feelings by sending you youtubes of Frank Ocean and the Weeknd(works only past 1am).
All thats left of these 90's boyband men are just girls who find this kind of music on youtube and send it to all their girlfriends who share their guilty pleasure and pretend that they think its really funny and cringing when really I'm completely devastated I cant go back to the 90's and be of age to take part in love making with men who were into this weird gay shit.