I love reading through the spam I get sent from far away countries. The standard ones are usually every day plans to transfer moneys to them to help them move a big amount that they found under a rock etc etc but this one really takes the biscuit. Whoever wrote this one has an amazing imagination and has definitely watched too much Star Trek and American war films the night before writing this to me. Sorry General JM but no moneys for you.


Dont feel skeptical about this sudden letter coming from a remote country far away and probably from someone you are not closely related with.But all the same,I believe we do not need to be of blood relatives before we can establish cordial relationship.

I am General Joel Mills,Director National Security Agency (DIRNSA), Chief, Central Security Service (CCSS) and Commander, United States Cyber Command stationed in Afghanistan for the NATO peace keeping.As you may know that all NATO peace keeping soldiers in Afghanistan are attacked by insurgents everyday.On the 27th august 2011 death of Al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman Multimillion mansion in Marja the northern part of Afghanistan was invaded some troops which was led by me,the more we discover ammunition used for terrorism in their hide out,the more we discover treasures and at the end of that mission we gathered money worth over 50 million US dollars which was shared among us without turning it to the authority because we are the ones bearing the risk here.My own share of the Money is worth 7 million United States Dollars . You may wonder the reason why i have contacted you, but is to help me safe keep the funds until my assignment is over. I am ready to compensate you with good percentage of the funds, No strings attached, just for you to help me keep the funds when i succeed in moving it out of Afghanistan.

God Bless

General JM

no kisses :(