"NW3 by the Sea"

...Many more Londoners simply enjoy the fantasy of moving to Brighton. It's a syndrome that strikes when the tube is hard to bear; when the smog count is up. Yes, Brighton is becoming a Zion for uptight chatterers. Some try Brighton - probably at a stage of low self-esteem - then find themselves moving back to London. It is easy to see why Brighton works in theory though. It is a satellite of London in proximity - 50 minutes on a greasy train - and also in fashion and attitude. Back in the Sixties, Trot-rich Sussex University was called "NW3 by the Sea." Still true(And this article was written in 1998.) Now Brighton has become a kind of Camden-sur-Mer, defined by London but with an inferior ruefulness about its parent town that always translates into a pre-emptive twist: "It's much better than London, you know. And it has the sea." I'm undecided after 5 years of living both here and Camden. Meh I don't know but it's def a love/hate thing. Oh Brighton you sneaky fuck.
-The Independant Online