BBC's Rasta Mouse a gwarn

BIG TINGS A GWARN ROUND ABOUT ER! on the yutes BBC channel CBeebies. A new programme called Rastamouse! Secret agent fighting crime in the day, jammin in a rasta band called The Easy Crew by night. It's a great new type of show for both the BBC and kids taking a new angel at childrens TV incorporating both reggae and Jamacain slang.

Episode 1: All the cheese* in Mouseland goes missing so the band take to the streets in search and call up friends* in the search to uncover this missing cheese. Now the thing is, still being somewhat immature and narrow minded I couldnt help but see the under lying plot...when one of the mice goes to his mate to get some cheese i couldnt help but notice the hand signal to his mouth when asking for this all important cheese, it was like he was asking for a spliff OK! Some potent smelling cheese. If a nuh so, a nearly so. But alas! Someone has stollen/smoked all the cheese and theres no longer any left for all the other mice! So all stressed out and unable to focus on their jam session they go about calling up all their friends/dealers to see if they know anything about this missing cheese; and of course it turns out theres a drought. I think this episode teaches kids how to deal with dissapointment and reminds sellers of cheese to always have enough in stock. Also features drum and bass, catch it on IPlayer alreeeet.