Yeah I have twitter now but I don't know how long for. 

The one interesting thing I have found out about it since I signed up is that it's a whole different level of conversation. Everyone on twitter is a lot more open and emotional; like Dr. Twitter is their silent and omnipotent God. The funniest thing about it is it goes un-talked about in real life. This openness and more freely use of expression on twitter is like Voldemort to twitters. It's an unsaid rule that you just don't bring up other peoples personal tweets which is something I've actively been doing since I got it. Not out of spite, just because I cant get my head around it. 

It's like twitter is a circle of trust where you can say anything and not be judged, and I'm Mark from Peep Show wearing a shirt and tie trying to cross my legs. Any how, twitter will do for now; plenty of sentences starting with "SOME PEOPLE..." and "I HATE IT WHEN.." to entertain me until the end of the night.