It's been going on for a while now but it's starting to really merge in the UK into it's solid and recognised form that is Cloud Rap. People can call music what ever they want; genres being made up on a daily basis. But what you can recognise is this new kind of rap that has graced us since around the time Odd Future burst in'10. 

These artistic collectives feature a new kind of rap often chopped and screwed featuring beautiful and hazed out melodics and some trippy and experimental uses of lights and smoke. Oh and what's more beautiful? It's not weird to come a sample of Enya in a track somewhere (can you imagine how happy I am about that.) It seems Dream Rap is more for sharing, not just thugs in the ghetto, it's for thugs who can hug. You can be of any colour and of any sex from any planet. You can come from the fields or the pavements it really doesn't matter that much. As long as you've got a computer and have a good understanding of tumblr and social media. 

Lyrics are no longer only relative to those who kill and sell crack on the corner and all claim to be somehow linked to the lives of Biggie or 2Pac. Lyrics can usually be found to be a lot more laid back, contemplative and easy going. (Whether this is due to Slizzurp I just could not say.) 

I'm not genius on the history of Cloud Rap but I do know I have been a fan for a long while now.
I'm talking about the likes of Asap, Space Ghost, LNIP, Wolf Gang, Weeknd, Gita, NDELUV, Onoe, Curren$y, Piff Gang and Main Attrakionz although some of these merge into other genres too such as Trill Music etc etc I dunno. BUT ANYWAY, everything is purple and watch this good short documentary which asks the real Cloud Rap artists what it's all about. 
Good for anyone into their rap, 90's, purple things, smoking, acidy visuals, cough medicine, sleeping.