I've just witnessed a very shitty rap music video and I don't even think its a joke. Yung Gleesh ft. Yung Lean's track It's Sad Boy has just been released with a video that makes you fearful that this might be actually deemed as 'acceptable and decent' to some rap lovers. 

For starters, I have no idea who the fuck Yung Gleesh is but his 2 minutes of fame depict him as a bling shabby looking kinda guy.. I looked on his Facebook page just to check that he's not really blind and straight away saw the slogan, 'Your favourite rappers favourite rapper.' I no longer care if he's actually blind or not. He's somewhat similar to how Stevie Wonder could of turned out if he was born in '92 and flopped his GCSE's and got addicted to Tixylix and lemonade instead. Then we have the entrance of Yung Lean. A internet famous rapper from Sweden, this 16-17 year old is big in the tumblr game for his hi-res 90's imagery and style despite being a mere foetus by the late 90's. 

The music video and the song sucks major ass balls and if I see another artist with the word 'Yung' in front of his equally as shit second name I'm going to start sending hate mail for days to their Facebooks.