Usually my monthly addictions appear in the forms of meat or other salty goodnesses such as olives,soy sauce and vinegar, chorizo or pork scratchings. Recently though I've develop an unhealthy habit of watching dark documentaries, a lot. Before bed and in my spare time, I usually catch up on light hearted trash TV but the viewing of late has been nothing but kill kill kill. So far I've watched a documentaries on the Cleveland captives, Prisoner X, the postal killings in the US, JFK conspiracy theories and last night I watched one on the Wests. 

So far no nightmares have incurred and I'm about to watch Aileen: Life & Death of a serial killer so that'll be nice. If your like me and enjoy finding out how to identify someone through their teeth over lullaby's about kittens then head on over to the Dark Documentary's website, they'll set you straight.