I lied in my last post about this girl. I definately do fancy her even though I don't go for blondes....I give you Ms.Yolandi-Vi$er from the weirdest zef rap group I've ever come across AKA Anica The Snuffling and Anri Du Toit although I have never heard them use these names they most commonly known as:
Die Antwoord (which means The Answer) are a Sauf African zef group containing Ninja (the big scary guy) DJ Hi-Tek (just the big guy) and the lady herself. They produce weird weird zef rap music which is often political and makes jabs at being poor and the bad corrupt society in South Africa.Some rap is in English, some not so much but you get the picture.

They're most well known video ive already posted a little lower called Enter the Ninja but heres some images of the girl herself and a little interview and skit called Zef Side. Also Yolandi also has a child with Ninja, the skinny male memeber of the gang who's real name is Watkin Tudor Jones called Sixteen Jones, although from research they aren't actually a couple. Here are more of my recent posts on her and the rest of her gang...At the bottom of this post is almost her most recent music video released couple of weeks ago (June 2012)