Johhny Cash once arrested for trespassing late at night and picking flowers.

Lil Wayne arrested for smoking the devils lettuce behind
 his coach and also possession of a piaow piaow paiow

P Diddy arrested for carrying a weapon and stolen goods (sweeties)

Fiddy arrested for carrying the bluko bluko and various others. (Interesting fact, 50 also has had a dildo moulded in the shape of his penis as part of his 50 Cent merchandise..._insert inappropriate joke about middle class white friend liking black men_)

Lil Kim arrested for gats and green

Jane Fonda arrested for kicking a policeman, stealing a dog, and carrying lots of pills.

Akon arrested for throwing children off the stage, car theft, and possibly getting with a 14 year old girl.
Akon why you be so nastay?