I cant remember exactly where I found this but it was definitely in the crevasses on some filthy cyber 90's  fashion blog reblogg blog blog place. 

Shot in 1996 this play ground documentary was filmed following the lives of this small 90's sub-culture called 'Dity Girls.'These 13 year old girls were deemed as 'riot girls' and opposed all the norms a 90's young female was into at that time. (I'm guessing Clueless was the mainstream vibe then.) A new type of tom boy girl that carried feminist views, didn't wash their hair and was a bit fuck you. At first I would of shamelessly said these girls were lesbians to be struggling with puberty  but after thinking about it, these girls were 13 and were standing for something a lot more meaningful than what I was standing for. (I was standing for getting a cat and getting red highlights in my hair and my ears pierced - I got the cat nothing else.ever)

ANYWAY, watching this old amature footage is pretty cool and they're the epitome of hipsters now. They're Daria's come to life.