Who says smoking's not cool? I remember the days of smoking Richmond Menthols was 'the thing' and I discovered that certain leaves near my house were really good to rub the smell of smoke off my fingers. Instead my mum probably thought I had some intense gardening habit but hey we've come along way. 

The guys over at Shine have created the pimpiest of pimp accessories for all you smokers who like the golden side to life, the 24K Gold Rolling Papers. This company has been growing in popularity over the internet and the likes of Method Man & Red Man have been snapped using these babies. Now I'm not actually promoting smoking, merely the papers, they're shiny and I can see my face in them. If you or your cromies want a pack head over here to purchase a pack, they'd make the perfect present for your mum. 

Photography by Steve Glashier from Format 34, those guys are really something.