Some bitches be trippin'. Some more so than others depending on the moon. I've heard some funny tales of ladies liberating themselves and going bat shit crazy after finding out their partners have done the dirty on them. Hell I've even indulged in a bit of red midst fury myself which I shan't go into now. It's a tragic yet surprisingly righteous and invigorating experience that allows you to play out all your favourite chick-flick scenes involving Bridget Jones and Jennifer Aniston, and also that song by Kelis, mixed with a little bit of Texas Chainsaw Masacre and Basketball Wives.

Well what better way to capitalise in on this moment than to make a 'Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit.' The team at Her Royal Flyness have come together to design this conceptual kit, which they express is only for a joke, (it's like when someone says something nasty to you and then says JOKINNNGG at the end of it even though you know they're not.)

Featured in the concept are items such as a balaclava (my favourite), 1 mini crowbar, 1 pair of leather gloves, an injection kit, bondage tape, knuckledusters and rope. All in a nice teal colour might I add. 

Of course the ladies at Her Royal Flyness do not actually sell these items, but you can purchase the teal tote bag from them which is pretty much a massive hint if I ever saw one to go and get the rest of the equipment elsewhere.