female vs meat

Oh it's about to go down in a big way in a little flat on the south coast, Homer Simpson style. It turns out I went to Waitrose just at the right time to find this massive bit of steak discounted. It's the biggest piece of steak I've ever bought. So in true Man vs food style, I'm going to cook three animals for dinner. Cow, pig and chicken. 
I'm going to roast some chicken, fry this steak and grill some sausages in honey with some peas, tatties and yorkshire puddings with a bowl full of gravy. My size may deceive you, but never be fooled by small Asian girls, they'll get you in the gut. Here's an episode of man vs food for some of you that may not know about it but I'm warning you, don't watch it if you don't eat meat and NEVER ever watch it on an empty tummy or fridge because this is just ridiculous.