Robert Yager is my new favorite photographer that I found out about the other day.
He has just the kind of photography that I absolutely bum. Although he has made his dollar by shooting campaigns and celebrities by far my favorite photography of his is his coverage of LA Latin gang culture in the 90's (my favorite period of time in my favorite place). A London born photographer who moved to LA to document life in Latin gang culture. He has also published a book that I really wanna get called AKA boo boo in which he documented 14 years of a Cindy Martinez; who was a female gang member. 

I truly believe I was a young mami chula of the 90's in Brooklyn called Goldie or  lil boo or something that worked on the stoop with the playboys and had various tear tattoos on my face and wore only baby pink, whites and grey and my baby daddy was forever in prison for bank robbery's. 

Anyway, here is some of his amazing photography that he shot in January 1992

Playboys Gang mural