P-Ladd ft.Mind da Gapz: I like dem white gyalz:

Oxide & Neutrino need to take the back peddle because the new P-Ladd and Mind da Gapz single I like dem white gyalz is a sure number one bashment banger after their dance hall debut hit Let me chirpse that below Audio which was revealed earlier this year but only stayed at the top of the charts for a short while due to Gapz; the Romeo of the duo, being arrested for explicitly assaulting a biscuit. Hopefully this sizzla will be a new sure thing with great photography by grime photography J.O.Marion who first found these two hot wiring an Audio R8 in a b&aq car park. He then signed the two to the SouthOver Label where they carried on their life of crime, grime and chicken. Lyrics to the new tune include:

"White girlie me like, white girlie mi feh cool, white girly Ima pick you up from school"
"Mi want a white gyal street chirpse, mama waiting pon da bus stop I chat and smoke da reefa"