Lava lamp night lights

The night time in my opinion is far more beautiful than the day. It just gets a bit boring when everyone else is asleep apart from the other night life workers who are also messed up. Anyway, apparently our sleep cycles usually last about 90 minutes. For those who have trouble sleeping then this website could prove useful. I'm nocturnal and I need like ten hours sleep and no I'm not lazy, I've always been like this/I've always been lazy. 
But anyway, if you click on this website and enter the time you need to wake up it tells you what time is best to go to sleep. Waking up mid way through your sleep cycle makes you feel pissed off and still overly tired so that's why this website could be a goodun. But remember to include the time it will take you to fall asleep, (average person takes 14 minutes to fall asleep. I've been in bed since 11.50pm and now its 2.22am so....)

Nite Nite