I'm going to make the assumption her lyrics aren't as good as Minaj's but the beat, the styling, the dancing and everything else is 10x better. This is CL from the famous K-pop girl band 2NE1. In the video is the baddest of the K-Pop heads featuring some of the guys from Big Bang. K-pop videos are always done to absolute perfection and this is a great example.  Both the men's and women's fashion in this is slick and g'd up. It's a shame we don't have more of this in the west. The closest we have to this in the UK is the Saturdays and One Direction, now that's some depressing shit. 

I'm so glad to see that the Asians have flow to as I've always been aware the people of the east tended to have really dodgy dance moves but I guess not. Actually, I'm having flash backs of my dad doing what can only be explained as Shabba Ranks moves to Shaggy's Mr Boombastic. Great memories and the image of my Chinese father dancing to that in my hallway will stay with me forever.

 I also want to know what doing the 'Oni' entails. As far as I know it's a badass character from Street Fighter. But anyway, check out this amazing Korean hip hop video and then spend a couple more hours on YouTube checking the rest.