If The Weeknd and Frank Ocean made sex and had a baby, it would be Johnny Rain. You can't help not bringing up these two artists when comparing Rains music, but this doesn't take away any talent that the guy has himself in his own style of music. He's your new choice of music when luring girls into your room.

Did you love The Weeknd's first album House of Balloons and then get slowly but surely disappointed by the unimaginative music videos and same old sounding songs that followed? Yeah me too. Johnny Rains is consistent in his style of music, and his album Lullaby of Machine features all the mystical and alluring sounds of The Weeknds first album. His imagery is all very slick and sultry and his sounds make thugged out G's wanna cry and call up their ex's. Yep he's another one of those artists like Drake who have taught tough boys to open up their hearts via RnB. There's no shame in taking a clear inspiration from a current artist, especially if you're going to be better than them. Rain's vocals are clear and pure sounding like Frank Ocean's voice and I just clocked that both of their second names are liquid based. Coincidence? I think not.

Lullaby of Machine makes great bedroom music and high vibes sounds. His hypnotic melodies full of Oriental and Egyptian chords make you think sexy thoughts and slow motion videos. And it's just as well because he's just released his new music video to Jericho. The video is deep and reminiscent of The Weeknds one hit wonder video to The Knowing. Rain takes you into his fantasy world of Demi-Gods and olive skinned women in which I would like to live in forever. Johnny Rain has surprisingly not sprung into the UK just yet, but he's definitely one to watch, sites like Earmilk and Hypetrak are already bigging him up. If you are simply a lover of RnB then Johnny Rain can be your new favourite. Listen to Lullaby of Machine here on Soundcloud.