A new music video hit the grime scene yesterday. The new music video to The Cypher hit YouTube by way of SB:TV and has already had much success. Already 13 on Itunes; it's climbing it's way up like a spider in a London spout. The music video has been done so well and is definitely one of my favourite British music videos I've seen this year for sure.

Now it's a tricky one for those that don't have a full background check on the artist but this track is by the artist that we know as Ghetts and in this track features all 3 of his identity's that he has/or is to portray in his career so far. The video demonstrates this with all 3 elements of the musician menacingly swaying as 1 on a dark back drop. It's a proper exciting video with the beat and verses constantly changing up tempo and attitude portraying all the different sides of this interesting rubix-cube artist.

We have Ghetto, the young grimey musician who had; in 2003 just come out of prison and is the most hype and aggy out of the three persona's. Ghetts, the grime artist who appealed more to the masses alongside others such as Kano and Wiley and released his pre-album mix tape entitled Ghetto Gospel. Then we have J.Clarke, the present calm and collective musician who preaches peace and sanity. 

The soon to be released album Rebel With A Cause will feature Ghetts in all of his glory and a fresh look for the artist who now has a cause and a positive future ahead of him. Below is a quick intro to the music video by the man himself and then the raging waters that is The Cypher.