I usually find it quite admirable when artists don't appear in their own music videos but you have to make an exception for the stunning and curiosity that is FKA Twigs on this one. I've got a complete girl crush and it's so nice to be able to look at her face up close in the least rapey way possible. She has finally sprung again and released her new music video to Water Me. Her sounds and visuals are similar to Bjork's with mood changing, atmospheric music and botanical goodness. All the music videos Twigs has released are perfection to a capital T. Water Me is another strange and beautiful video with what my media studies teacher of 2005 would call an 'extreme close-up' the whole way through. With production from Arca who has also this year assisted in the production of Yeezus, the Water Me sounds remind me of a cute Pokemon who's about to evolve. Twigs performs her flower lullaby assisted by some funky ass effects of bug eyes. How someone can get ultra bug eyes and still look adorable is beyond me. Keep an eye on Twigs because like a rare shiny Zapdos, she is hard to keep up with.