Went to YrStore today in the Boxpark and designed my own tee on behalf of Don't Panic. It's a DIY like store with pods in which you design your own tee, crop top or vest. You can choose from a range of images already loaded up on the bad boys or you can bring your own image on USB. I brought my own image and it took me a few days to choose the right one and of course it was fried chicken. You are what you eat and I'm going wear what I eat. To be specific I actually have hot wings which are around £1.99 for 4 pieces in most good chicken shops. 

ANYWAY, there's also a graffiti wall with a spray can shaped mouse that you use to design your own illustration too. It's all rather snazzy and great for basically any Arts London student or someone that has always dreamt of designing their own tee. They then process you image and do some magic right in front of you on the machines and voila! Your very own unique garment designed by you is yours & packaged in a down town NY style bag which I got pretty excited about carrying home. Prices start from £20 and all the clothing is supplied by American Apparel. They have previously been located just off Caraby St and you can catch them at the odd festival too churning out tee's to the gurning. 

Go and get your own and check out their website here for more useful and informative information. They're also going to be hosting live performances above the shop which is pretty hipster. So go down there and design your own, but don't copy my chicken idea, unless your gunna print my face on it too. 
Joking g'head.