Valentine Lane down at Needles and Nails did some Al Bandana print on me. In the space of time given I managed to talk about weave, eye lash extensions, the price of weave, Iggy Azalea, Housewives of New Jersey, Love and Hip Hop, who's a bitch, southern rap, black clothes and Imperial Squad. 
So if your in the south coast (of England) and your feeling like your up for some pain and patterns then go get a tear drop tattoo on your face for your dead homie while getting some hello kitty nail art on your middle finger and I can bet you'll walk out feeling like a boss. 

OH and if your down then how about indulging your inner rude boy and taking yourself back in the day to this beaut. Channel U days, when having a free house was so important. If you grew up in a place that had a lot of open spaces and breathable air, I'm afraid you may not appreciate this. 
Thanks Chani for the 90s hook up. x