When I first met one of my friends it was at a underwear house party in freshers. He was the only one fully clothed and he looked like he was having a bad trip on acid. I asked him many times if he was ok but it seems my neon stripey nu-rave hot pants weren't really helping anything and he was shy and I was shockingly loud and annoying and under-dressed. The whole combination of everything was just a bad time to take acid frankly. ANYWAY, we became good mateys and I remember once seeing him with a saucepan on his head cutting around it with blunt scissors. It was so bad but these are the things my boy mates had to do if they wanted to avoid me cutting their hair. 

What I'm trying to say is boys shouldn't care about their hair that much.Be more like my fishermans friend instead of this fuming London boy below who does a good impression of Tempz. Your boys, go play in mud or something. This guy below in particular has been done wrong though. You do not want to see a south-east London boy get a bad trim. This is funny.