I always knew there would be some crazy bitch who would one day fulfill Vanessa Carltons song of A Thousand Miles and abandon all dignity, self-respect and sanity. Just didn't think they'd commit robbery at the start of their romantic journey, guess that makes it all a bit more romantic. But what do I know, I'm overly pleased with a pack of kitten stickers.
You know who would be proud of this act though? Latrell. 

Just tried to google how many times you would have to play said song in your car on repeat before you actually reach 1000 miles but my laptop wouldn't allow such a lame search and broke down on me. But I reckon it's long enough that when you finally get out of the car you'll probably take an axe to the persons head and keep it as a cushion so that you know you'll never have to drive again/until your next dose of PMS.