New to Peggs and Son is Raised By Wolves and ooo boy they got some goodies. Check out the images and if you like what you see then check it out at the link below. You can buy from the store in Brighton if you want the whole shopping experience but of course you can buy online too. Peggs is one of the few places in the UK that you can get some of these labels, so if you got a taste for things a bit more than the average Joe and like your stuff to be looking the freshest then get with the program.

Oh and if your a bit short on the mula right now but your feeling the Raised By Wolves wear then Peggs and Son have just launched a new giveaway that ends in the 17th. All you got to do to win one of these hats below and some extras is go on the Peggs Facebook page and share and like this picture. You have nada to loose. Treats!