Lady in the streets but a neek in the sheets

Have you got lots on at the moment, lots of work or exams yeah? Good, here's your ultimate procrastination website. Your already looking at my blog so your doing something you prob's shouldn't already but this website is for the people who like to play in bed; on the computer. The website is called and there's all these good memory games, not too much memory just the right amount to not frustrate you. One of the 1 good games is guessing all the logos you can see, others such as naming top girls name and all the US States. It's like Family Foutunes but with no family and no real fortune. Just the satisfaction of knowing that when you need this pointless information in real life you'll appear knowledgeable and cultured (in naming the top 50 make up logos)
Your typical late night Sporcle users who think they can name all 50 states,
I really dont know where I got 52 from.