I've got a new favourite.
Drake, The Weeknd & Frank Ocean have become the front runners in this new wave of hot men playing with my rnb and my heart. And now there's another one to add to the list of futuristic swooners. He isn't exactly my size my type but waaa.
He is NDELUV (pronounced Indie Love) Straight outta San Fran no homo though, his sound is like a new brand of electronic slow jams with the hiphop influence and verses of a Drake tune. He's overly frequently references to sexy time reminds me of Pretty Ricky and he's extremely common references to drugs is a lot like the Weeknd. It makes good bath music, night time music, car driving music, kush music. His videos are also pretty cool with lots of naturally pretty girls so that's always nice. His first mixtape was called ‘#Hoodmusic’ which is similar to what I'd probably call my first album & he just dropped a dope new EP called ‘#8911′ on tumblr last week. And it's all 90's inspired babbby. Check his tumblr which is and below is a video and also his album on Soundcloud belows. 
Bon appetit.