Do you like burgers? More importantly do you like beef? Nice carnivorous butch cowy beef. If you do, check out this website. If you're slightly peckish this website is guaranteed to have you food wanking in the next 5 minutes.
It's called www.cheeseandburger.com, a well designed site that gives you the most amazing and slightly over masculine burger recipes. Like that time they tried to market the Yorkie bar to men only. i mean bitch please. As long as men are persisting to wear skinny jeans and use hair straighteners, I will continue in my eating of 'men only' foods. And what guys eat chocolate bars now anyway. (Paul does he eats gummys and he's 26.)

Beware though, just adding foods that you like into the burger doesn't mean it's going to taste good so make sure you get a good enough bun that can hold all your goodies. Advice that in hindsight I should of used. Fuck.