Ka$h rule$ everything around me. Your not going to believe this. So Ka$h Money$ just showed me this website because I said I was going to start $aving up to go travelling soon. To be honest I'm actually now quite offended that this was the fir$t thing he thought to show me when I told him of my plans but at the same time, I'm not surprised.

This is www.misstravel.com, now listening up female companions. I'm going to give it to you straight now. This is a website where young pretty female$ who want to travel the world sign up to go on free holiday$. Flight$, hotel$, all of it free. Whats the catch? Well there'$ a pretty big catch.
 The other half of the people who sign up to this are men. Old, lonely, rich men. In exchange for your company these men will pay for you to go travelling with them as a companion. It's basically aimed at rich $ingle* men who don't have time for commitment and want a companion to travel along with them. You can see their profiles, stats and income. All of which seems to be pretty high by the way (age & income that is) I don't really know what else to say about this but only American's would think of this kind of concept. Watch their advertisement below that's aimed at the women and you'll see what I say is all true. Wow. Now I understand what I need a girl part2 is alllll about. And by no way am I telling anyone to sign up to this, it's dangerou$ and $tupid, and my dollar bill symbols mean nothing either. Im just saying as all GO$H......................................ha