What's Luv? - Ja Rule ft Ashanti

"Parting is enough and all that we need to know of hell"

Romantic love is not an emotion. It's a drive. It comes from a specific part of the mind which is designed to 'want', more powerful than the sex drive.

Here are two really interesting lectures on Love by Helen Fisher. They both explore the scientific explanations behind why and how we love. It also looks at the scientific changes a brain goes through when loosing love or experiencing unrequited love. In the first lecture, they have carried out an experiment on groups of people who claim to be newly in love, couples who have been in love for 15 years and also people that have just been dumped. By giving them all MRA brain scans, and for the first time, researchers have managed to actually pin point a certain part of the brain that triggers this romantic love and triggers dopamine around the brain. Dopamine is dope. 

Why do we fall in love with one person & not another? Scientists still do not know the complete biology to why we choose specific people but what psychologists have found is that people tend to go for people with the same social economic background, the same level of intelligence, the same level of good looks and religious values and finally something to do with ones childhood although they do not know why.